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Great on all egg dishes, omelettes, fried eggs, poached eggs, and scrambled eggs. Sue, Oakland, MI


Opening the bag, the smell makes me want food.  Can’t wait to go home and try it tonight. Beverly, Clarkston, MI


I tried it for the first time tonight on venison steaks.  Simply Awesome!   Gary, Lake Orion, MI


I really don’t like my cooking, I just got my Fresh Herb Blend and I was making soup. Decided I had nothing to lose by adding some, WOW was it great!            Jamie, Holly, MI


Melted butter in a sauce pan and sprinkled fresh herb blend to taste and brushed it on sweet corn. Yum!   Laura, Orion, MI


It has never been easier for me to cook a meal that my family raves about. All I do is sprinkle on the blend and bake, roast or grill. I especially like it when they say “Mom, where did you get this meat?” It’s my little secret and I love Love MI Seasons!” –Charlene,  Auburn Hills, MI

I really love it on pork chops on the grill    Paula, Clarkston, MI

My husband and I both cook at home. But he can be extremely picky about what he eats. After using Fresh Herb Blend the first time he asked”what is on this food? It’s great!”  We fought over who was going to use the remainder of the bag.  I won because I hid it.  So glad I can buy on line now.
Peggy, Oxford, MI

I had neighbors over for a cookout Memorial weekend, my friend’s daughter does not like chicken; I was informed of that fact when they got there. (and the chicken was on the grill)  Of course I use Fresh Herb Blend on everything.  She had two helpings of chicken and now my neighbors want to know where they can buy it.    Fran, Linden, MI

I just wanted to let you know that we have been using the seasoning a lot.  Loved it on Corn on the Cob, Pork Chops, and Chicken Kabobs.  Haven’t tried it on fish yet.  That will be next. Karen, Oxford, MI

I tried it on my eggs this morning.  Really good!
Sue, Pigeon, MI

My neighbor used Fresh Herb Blend in her homemade turkey noodle soup.  I have never tasted better turkey soup in my life!     Darryl,  Oakland, MI

I am forcing myself to eat chicken everyday for protein.  Thank God for Love MI Seasons because it makes chicken worth eating! Leslie, Rochester MI

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