Gourmet Spices

Fresh Herb Blend

The use of fresh herbs in this product sets it apart from all other seasonings.  Our blend is made from carefully prepared fresh herbs. Other companies dry their herbs before making spice blends; in this process much flavor is lost. FRESH HERB BLEND’S flavor jumps right through the bag to your nose.

Use this product everyday on chicken, beef, pork, wild game, seafood, vegetables, soups and stews. Turn everyday meals into something spectacular. It’s that simple!

BBQ Rub Blend

This blend of 19 spices and herbs creates a very different barbeque experience. Our rub blend has a unique sweetness to spice balance.

Great on pork, chicken, roasts, salmon and all larger cuts of meat. Our customers tell us they love it on ribs.




Add a latin flair to your dishes.  Acapulco Gold seasoning is great for any tex-mex dish as well as fish, poultry or grilled veggies.  Adds a bit of a kick, but not too much….just right!  Makes a mean White Bean Chicken Chili and awesome Fajitas!                                                                                             

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  • From garden to bag, the difference is FRESH!